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BenchCouncil: International Open Benchmark Council


BenchCouncil Testbed

BenchCouncil Testbed---Tai---is the world's first large-scale and open artificial intelligence testbed, aiming to provide platforms for verification and demonstration of new technology, and provide tools for training education and communication.

Testbed not only provides multiple mainstream evaluation environment, but also supports the environment generation within several seconds and supports specified cluster environment according to evaluation requirements. The testbed gathers various the state-of-the-art or state-of-the-practice hardware environment, including multiple GPUs and CPUs with different versions, Cambrian, RISC-V.


  • Accelerators for the construction of industry ecology. Testbed provide evidence for defining specifications and benchmarks for new technology, and publish performance numbers.
  • Testbed has the ability to simulate large-scale complex scenarios and supports rapid construction and deployment.
  • Testbed provides training education platforms and commnumcation tools---Xinxiu.
  • Testbed provides competition platforms for BenchCouncil International AI System and Algorithm Competition, with the total awards 500,000 CNY.

Prominent Systems and Applications:

  • E-commerce business AI evaluation environment for Alibaba
  • EB-level intelligent data management and analysis system for high-energy physics
  • AI-powered weather forecast platform
  • Federal learning testbed
  • Edge computing testbed